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Schoolhouse Beach

Washington Island Schoolhouse Beach

   Located on Washington Harbor, which has an average depth of about 100', is our most popular swimming beach. Forget world travel, here you will find one of only 5 beaches like this in the world. The other 4 beaches are in Sweden, Norway, Nice, France and Mexico.
   Who says you have to leave the U.S.A. to see the beautiful and unusual? What makes it so different? The beach is made up of beautiful white, smooth stones, great for skipping on the crystal clear waters. Think you've seen stones before, not like this! Here you'll find the island children swimming like little fish, while moms and babies visit, see sailboats anchored offshore and watch those huge tankers pass along the mouth of the harbor. Oh, please don't take any of the stones home, we're trying to preserve the beach, Thanks!
    From here you can walk to the Art and Nature center and see the oldest Church on the Island built in 1865.

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