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   The Stavekirke is a place for spiritual meditation and worship. It was dedicated as a Christian house of worship in August 1995. The Stavekirke is patterned from an ancient style of church construction found in Norway during the medieval times. This building is both a replica and tribute to Washington Island's large Scandinavian heritage.
   Cross the beautiful bridge that will bring you to the gardens that have been planted to frame the Stavekirke. As you enter the door, overhead hanging from the rafters is a model of a mackinaw schooner that transported goods across the lake in the mid 1800's. The two candelabras along the sides of the alter originally were the only light in the Stave Churches in Norway.
   Above the alter are the words HAN ER OPPSTANDEN which means "He is standing above us" or "He is Risen". The Stavekirke is surrounded by a winding prayer path that is intended for reflection and prayer.

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